Ben Khan

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Ben Khan is a budding electro R&B artist based out of London, England. With more than a knack for production, Khan creates expansive, shimmering vignettes flourished with cryptic samples, tight blues-leaning guitar overdrive and a voice like sweet honey. A man of vision, he certainly sticks to his guns, juxtaposing the gorgeous and bizarre, injecting a degree of free form and fluidity that’s not often attained in electronic-based music. He’s a barbequed peach of sound, with crisp, caramelized exterior, blackened audio clip flecks and a delicious gooey core of pop.

Thus far, Khan has graced us with 2 catchy EPs, “1992” and this year’s “1000”. Each offers 4 songs with a couple bangers that’ll nestle comfortably within any Jai Paul-containing summer mix. In fact, you’ve likely heard his break-out anthemic “Youth” on some patios already (

Favourite track: 1000 (… if pastels could sing.

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