Active Child

activechild_curtislane active-child-you-are-all-i-see-608x608

Active Child is the stage name of LA-based Pat Grossi, an angelic, svelte, male-equivalent of a siren. He has quickly become one of my very favourite artists since first encounter in 2010. The unique blend of harp and falsetto singing with minimal yet calculated electro beats and power-synths makes for a soothing and emotionally-driving listen. He sings with absolute sincerity and conviction with every lyric, and I have yet to hear a song I don’t like. When I saw them play in 2012, I literally just stood there staring, basking in his radiant glory.

So far, Active Child has released the unstoppable “Curtis Lane” EP, and “You Are All I See” LP. Update: His tantilizing new EP “Rapor” is now up; the holy legacy burns strong. Update II: quite unexpectedly, follow-up LP “Mercy” is now upon us – a stunning study in gentle, heart-felt lullabies (caress your ears with “These Arms”).

Favourite track: Hanging On (… one of the best songs I’ve heard in years.

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