Tame Impala

tame_impala_innerspeaker Tame_Impala_Lonerism_Cover

Tame Impala is the bedroom project of Australian musical polymath Kevin Parker, who basically appears to be the textbook definition of a care-free beach bum. With his live presence featuring long flowing locks, bare feet, and a well-worn straw hat billowing in the gentle breeze, he’s about as smooth as one can get. I was first introduced to this group when looking up various lesser-known bands prior to my arrival at Sasquatch Music Festival 2010. They had just released their excellent debut LP “Innerspeaker”, and despite my limited exposure, I thought they were interesting enough to justify waking up in decent time to see their 9:00 am set. I remember being absolutely taken aback by their performance – extended head-banging jam sessions, effortlessly tight dynamics, a broad range of tempos and moods, Beatles-esque LSD melodies, and arguably the best psychedelic sonics to come out in recent memory.

Since then, Tame Impala has released the even-more-excellent LP “Lonerism” with some of the catchiest and punchy tracks of 2012.  Nothing tame about this impala. Update: If there was any doubt, Parker has secured his stature as one of the best indie songwriters worldwide with brand-new killer LP “Currents” featuring a heaping portion of incredibly catchy, kaleidoscopic and often downright sexy tunes (try the unstoppable “Let It Happen” & “Eventually” & “Cause I’m A Man”).

Favourite track: Elephant (https://youtu.be/uCo3CQw6wp8)… pure shredding, rude style.

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