a0361893576_10 giraffage-needs

Giraffage is San Francisco-based electro artist Charlie Yin, currently signed to heavy-hitting Fool’s Gold Records. Now soundtracking iPhone commercials, Yin began in 2011 independently releasing his music to a small but respectable acclaim. His brightly coloured, down-tempo jams are are infested with minute, meticulous tidbits, R&B-leaning vocals and occasionally a mildly dysthymic feel. Like the song of the lonely lovebird, his movements flutter and float with a beauty delivered at apathetic cadence.

When a friend first showed me Giraffage, I essentially went on a rampage acquiring everything of his I could get my filthy hands on. Across the 3 hours of material, I’ve enjoyed just about every song. Highlights pictured above are his 2 excellent long plays “Comfort” and “Needs”. EPs “No Reason” and “Pretty Things” also feature some banging tracks. Last year this guy even remixed and compressed The-Dream’s 2007 “Love/Hate” album into a half-hour of sexy power entitled “Giraffage Remixes The-Dream“. Yeah Yin!

Favourite track: Before… Celebrating in melancholy.