Chad Valley

cv-eu Chad-Valley-Young-Hunger

Chad Valley is the moniker for UK-based producer Hugo Manuel, a synth-pop miracle worker and wish-granter since 2010. Listening to his tunes is like bathing in a glowing golden pool of nostalgic summer love. There’s an automatic familiarity and comfort to his sound not matched by many. He lets his music do most of the talking, so I don’t know much about him… but I do know this: the play counts are rising at a incredible rate. Chad Valley is one of the unique few who has the artistic awareness to grab the listeners attention at first pass, while concurrently providing ample creative substance to sustain interest over and over again. With crooning falsetto melodies, heartrendingly vulnerable lyrics, smooth and fluid low-tempo beats, and wish-washing synth lines, you’ll quickly find yourself mentally drifting into the distant sunset on a pillow made of ice cream and rainbows.

Thus far he has released two solid LPs “Equatorial Ultravox” and the equally amazing “Young Hunger”, the latter which features a host of indie artists such as Active Child’s Pat Grossi, Fixer’s Jack Goldstein, Glasser, and many more. When you wish upon a star, Chad Valley will serenade from afar. Update: Chad’s gone and done it again, dropping a 9-track collection of passionate croon-infused feelgoodery entitled “Entirely New Blue” (try standout “True“).

Favourite track: My Girl (feat. Jack Goldstein)… but honestly this is more or less arbitrary because he has so many hip-shaking hits.