Beach House

beach-house-teen-dream-cover Beach-House-Bloom

Beach house are a dream pop duo hailing from Baltimore, and comprise what I consider to be likely the most important act in indie music today. These two are the masters of unprecedented refrain, compulsive attention to detail, and straight up all-around musicianship. Featuring the airy, ghost-like, memorizing voice of Victoria Legrand with her living, breathing keyboard tones, accompanied by devastating open-chord guitar lines by Alex Scally, and marching, downgrade drum programming of touring member Daniel Franz, you won’t find an equal. Beach House really is the full package – an ever-improving catalog, entrancing stage presence, first class aesthetic, and uncompromising drive to write, play, and release their music the way they want to. I love these guys.

Since 2006, Beach House have released 4 LPs, all unique, and each better than the last. Pictured above is their pop break-through “Teen Dream”, and its sonic giant of a successor “Bloom”. Update: Round 5 LP “Depression Cherry” is a delicate, reverb-soaked study in simplicity and silently breaking hearts (try “Beyond Love“). Update II: “Thank Your Lucky Stars” indeed; insanely, Beach House have debuted yet another long play a mere 50 days after the former (try woozy opener “Majorette“)

Favourite track: Norway (… Still taken aback by this one.

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