Seiho is an electro artist from Osaka, Japan. There’s precious little known about him, but I think the music is more than enough to keep one occupied. Seiho is a master of dancey tunes laced with rapid fire, unintelligible pop snippets and throttling beats. Peppered gingerly among his solid sonic base are a flurry of organic samples like fluttering avian wings, songbird calls, bubble-pops, cash register dings, and water droplet echoes. He’s also not afraid to add orchestral and wind-instrument accentuation if so inclined. All in, Seiho makes for an intriguing listen that, most importantly, is catchy as a pop fly.

Some of Seiho’s best work includes “Gold”, “I Feel Rave”, “Plastic” and his rework of Les Sins’ “Why feat. Nate Salman” – most of these and a bunch more are available on his Soundcloud.

Favourite track: Gold… 24k by the sounds of it.


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