Eluvium+-+Lambent+Material EluviumTalkAmongstTheTrees

Eluvium is prolific ambient artist Matthew Cooper, based out of Portland since 2003. What I enjoy most about Eluvium is his versatility of instrumentation, style and emotional overtones without sacrificing quality. With blankets of texture, drone, and white noise he gently washes over you, carrying you out to sea. Using piano, guitar, and occasional guest vocal accentuations, Eluvium provides tangible melody and pattern for the listener to clasp onto in this electronic soundscape.

Cooper works under many monikers including Miniatures, Window Exchange, Concert Silence, Martin Edin and his own name, often as collaborations or one-off projects. As Eluvium, he has released a whopping 6 EPs and 7 LPs, with my two favourites “Lambent Material” and “Talk Amongst The Trees” pictured above. His track “Under The Water It Glowed” is the first ambient song I ever liked, so if you’re not yet a belieber perhaps it could likewise act as your gateway into the abyss. Update: Eluvium has teamed up with Explosions In The Sky guitarist Mark Smith in a new project entitled “Inventions” – their killer self-titled album dropped this week and is a fantastic match up of heavy-hitting ambience, sampling and pop (try “Peaceable Child“). Update II: I really should make a second article for these guys buuut I’m not going to… Regardless, Inventions have a sophomore LP entitled “Maze of Woods” featuring some gorgeous whirlwind, submersing tracks and remixes from The Field, The Caretaker and AWVFTS (try bite-sized opener “Escapers“).

Favourite track: New Animals From The Air… Total immersion.

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