Wild Nothing

wild-nothing-gemini-cover-art 2

Wild Nothing is the bedroom shoegaze project formed by Virginia-based multi-instrumentalist Jack Tatum in 2009. The current dark horse of indie, he’s curated an impressive batch of catchy, stripped-down, chill tunes that appreciate with every listen. The DIY production quality puts an endearing twist on his songs, with little blips and quirks that only add to the sincerity and vulnerability. It’s like that kid down the street who has weird parents and conflicting opinions, but you still like having around. His songs rarely deviate from a fairly standard guitar/bass/keyboard/drums formula, but I nevertheless find myself returning to it on a regular basis… so the proof is in the Virginian pudding.

To date, he’s released a bunch of EPs (highlights being “Evertide” and this year’s “Empty Estate”), and 2 solid LPs “Gemini” and “Nocturne”. Update: Round #3 LP “Life of Pause” has arrived; a pretty, synth-leaning work that nestles stylistically between his first two full lengths (try title track “Life of Pause“).

Favourite track: Your Rabbit Feet… How ’bout that bassline?

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