Taragana Pyjarama

Taragana Pyjarama (or Banana in Pajama, as I like to call him) is Danish producer Nick Eriksen. Starting off around 2010 as Eim Ick, Taragana  specializes in summery, glowing dance tunes with razor-sharp sampling and full-bodied beat pulse. He’ll whisk you away to a lakeside summer afternoon, legs dangling off the dock, idly fluttering wakes and rifts through the water, the sun glistening and shimmering off each peak, with swirls of fuel adorning the surface with metallic colours. The sounds are at once crystal clear, yet softened as a nostalgic memory. Jovial, but not blithely so.

Hopping from label to label, Taragana Pyjarama has crafted multiple gorgeous EPs, one LP entitled “Tipped Bowls” and a series of  remixes. Pretty much everything is worth a listen, in particular his self-titled debut and 2015’s “Ariel” EP, featuring a killer title track reinterpreting Ciara’s “Sorry”.

Favourite track: Ocean… See you in the sunshine.

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