Galcher Lustwerk

Galcher Lustwerk is a Brookly-based house producer who releases through his own Lustwerk Music as well as boutique label White Material. In a world of open-book, heart-on-your-sleeve, spread eagle nudie leaks, it’s awfully refreshing to learn there are still some that keep their shit tight and cards held close. Getting into Lustwerk has involved some of the most online dirt-digging and Where-is-Waldory I’ve ever subjected myself to, as much of his material is accessible only by limited-press vinyl (which upon release I’m sure disappeared like a fresh kill to ravenous hyenas). His phenomenal (and free!) 1-hour mix “100% Galcher” for mixtape hosts Blowing Up The Workshop is the closest thing us non-aficionados will come to attaining much of his work.

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what of Galcher Lustwerk makes his music so addictive, but let’s see what I can conjure up here. Foremost, he’s somewhat of an oddity in the house world, in that he raps over much of his productions. Lustwerk’s vocal performance is a lackluster, almost vapid, monotonous drone that in isolation would be drab and unappealing; but nestled atop this dark beat-based foundation with scarce yet critical movements, his utterances become enchanting as the Pied Piper. Permeating his sound is a drug-soaked, blackout drunken hypnosis; like you’ve stumbled your way home at 4am and flopped onto the couch, shoes still on, face down in a throw pillow, with a muted next door party emanating through the wall. He’s the tinnitus-bathed stumbling stupor as you walk outside the club, dance music cross-fading to the sounds of the city.

For those up to the challenge, some 10 Galcher Lustwerk tracks are available on iTunes, but the rest are found scattered throughout the www – namely EPs “Nu Day”, “Tape 22”, and a slew of other random bangers. You can find other avenues of his craft via side projects Road Hog and Studio OST.

Favourite track: Put On… “One minute I’m on, next minute I’m gone.”


suuns-zeroes-qc suuns-images-du-futur

Suuns are a 4-piece group from Montreal that are about as hard to categorize as a band can get without being just straight-up bizarre. They not only traverse many genres over the course of their LPs “Zeroes QC” and “Images du Futur” (that’s French),  but also manage to get away with their plethora of genetically-modified sound fusions. A friend of mine despises Suuns, and described them as “music a city of rats would listen to underground”. After I finished having a good laugh, I began dissecting into this statement and realized its profound accuracy; Suuns make jiggy, eerie, intense, visceral outbursts of incoherent whine-singing, rudimentary distorted drum programming, shrill guitar lines, and haunted organ overtones. And it’s great.

It took me a few listens to each album to really get interested, but it quickly became apparent these guys are calculated and esthetically brilliant.  Masters of restraint, Suuns take care to use the open space of their songs as a stage that accentuates the perfectly-placed melodies and drum fills unleashed. So the next time you’re feeling musically adventurous, see if you can make it through a Suuns album without ending up doubled over, foot-stomping with your eyes closed in a sewer. Update: Ruthless and uncompromising, Suuns have thrown down the gauntlet with brand-new LP “Hold/Still” (get terrorized by “Translate“).

Favourite track: Arena… in actuality my favourite is Pie IX but I’m cognizant it might scare people off, so I recommend starting elsewhere.


moderat_album_rgb-600x600 Moderat_Cover_Digital-600x600

Moderat is the portmanteau project title adapted from German electronic artists Modeselektor (Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary) and Apparat (Sascha Ring). Curiously, I know very little about their respective bands (mainly because it’s like impossible to approach a new artist with 5+ studio albums… where does one start? What does it all mean!?), but it definitely doesn’t stop me from jamming on a regular basis to this side project. The members of Moderat combine forces beautifully, creating intense, tasteful electro that crosses effortlessly over subgrenres and emotional states-of-mind, making for a coherent and captivating listening experience. With an amazing sonic foundation of textural blends and elegant beats, the vocal work of Ring provides a silky-smooth webbing that amalgamates their worlds together into passion and sincerity.

Pumping out a multitude of music with their home pet projects, these dudes have still somehow found time to put together a few Moderat EPs and 2 stellar LPs: 2009’s “Moderat” and this year’s top-notch “II” (one of my most listened-to albums of 2013). In addition, their killer live performances feature crazy eye-candy visuals and they’ve one of the most interesting music videos I’ve seen in a while. Update: Ze Chermans are back with a deep, gauzy mediation into darkness: LP “III” (try stand-out banger “Finder“). And while we’re at it, check out these a-ok reciprocal remixes by Jon Hopkins and Moderat.

Favourite track: Gita… Just bask in it.

The Field


The Field is the project name of electro master Axel Willner, based out of Sweden since 2009. Amalgamating pop hooks, techno and ambient with short term memory loss, it’s like listening to the expansive darkness of outer space swallowing a lollipop whole. Repetition is a powerful but dangerous tool; it takes a keen mind to tip-toe the fine line between emphasis and overkill / monotony. The Field is amongst the select few who does this flawlessly. With lengthy, familiar loops, trucking 4-on-the-floor beats, shape-shifting bass lines and a crucial peppering of sample tweaks and change-ups to keep the listener’s mind attentive, he’s got it figured out.

I was introduced to his music with 2012’s amazing “Looping State of Mind”, and only after being affirmed of his brilliance with this year’s “Cupid’s Head” took the time to head retrograde in his catalog. It’s all noteworthy and critically successful, including 2007’s “From Here We Go Sublime” and 2009’s “Yesterday and Today”. Not surprising, The Field is an avid remixer, adding his amnestic touch the likes of Tame Impala, Bear In Heaven, Thom Yorke and many more. So the next time you’re feeling hypnotic from the lull of a robotically repetitious task, throw on The Field and see what happens. Update: Willner recently released a drone-heavy LP “The Soul Is Quick” under the moniker Hands, and is offering free download of his excellent new remix of Wild Beasts’ “Wanderlust“… this guy’s on a roll (or should I say, a loop). Update II: The Field is back with his latest brainwashing sonic march “The Follower”, a 6-track LP with an average song length of 11 minutes (let “Pink Sun” take you over).

Favourite track: Then It’s White… Sweet, supple trance.