The Field


The Field is the project name of electro master Axel Willner, based out of Sweden since 2009. Amalgamating pop hooks, techno and ambient with short term memory loss, it’s like listening to the expansive darkness of outer space swallowing a lollipop whole. Repetition is a powerful but dangerous tool; it takes a keen mind to tip-toe the fine line between emphasis and overkill / monotony. The Field is amongst the select few who does this flawlessly. With lengthy, familiar loops, trucking 4-on-the-floor beats, shape-shifting bass lines and a crucial peppering of sample tweaks and change-ups to keep the listener’s mind attentive, he’s got it figured out.

I was introduced to his music with 2012’s amazing “Looping State of Mind”, and only after being affirmed of his brilliance with this year’s “Cupid’s Head” took the time to head retrograde in his catalog. It’s all noteworthy and critically successful, including 2007’s “From Here We Go Sublime” and 2009’s “Yesterday and Today”. Not surprising, The Field is an avid remixer, adding his amnestic touch the likes of Tame Impala, Bear In Heaven, Thom Yorke and many more. So the next time you’re feeling hypnotic from the lull of a robotically repetitious task, throw on The Field and see what happens. Update: Willner recently released a drone-heavy LP “The Soul Is Quick” under the moniker Hands, and is offering free download of his excellent new remix of Wild Beasts’ “Wanderlust“… this guy’s on a roll (or should I say, a loop). Update II: The Field is back with his latest brainwashing sonic march “The Follower”, a 6-track LP with an average song length of 11 minutes (let “Pink Sun” take you over).

Favourite track: Then It’s White… Sweet, supple trance.

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