suuns-zeroes-qc suuns-images-du-futur

Suuns are a 4-piece group from Montreal that are about as hard to categorize as a band can get without being just straight-up bizarre. They not only traverse many genres over the course of their LPs “Zeroes QC” and “Images du Futur” (that’s French),  but also manage to get away with their plethora of genetically-modified sound fusions. A friend of mine despises Suuns, and described them as “music a city of rats would listen to underground”. After I finished having a good laugh, I began dissecting into this statement and realized its profound accuracy; Suuns make jiggy, eerie, intense, visceral outbursts of incoherent whine-singing, rudimentary distorted drum programming, shrill guitar lines, and haunted organ overtones. And it’s great.

It took me a few listens to each album to really get interested, but it quickly became apparent these guys are calculated and esthetically brilliant.  Masters of restraint, Suuns take care to use the open space of their songs as a stage that accentuates the perfectly-placed melodies and drum fills unleashed. So the next time you’re feeling musically adventurous, see if you can make it through a Suuns album without ending up doubled over, foot-stomping with your eyes closed in a sewer. Update: Ruthless and uncompromising, Suuns have thrown down the gauntlet with brand-new LP “Hold/Still” (get terrorized by “Translate“).

Favourite track: Arena… in actuality my favourite is Pie IX but I’m cognizant it might scare people off, so I recommend starting elsewhere.

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