Leon Vynehall

Leon Vynehall is a UK-based producer and high-flying electric trapeze extraordinaire who started making waves eons ago in 2012. The eye-catching flourish of his breakout LP “Rojus” pictured above is what recently drew me in like a tractor beam. Thought to myself ah what the hell let’s give it a go shall we. First track flutters gently by, cruising at about 5 km/h under the limit. Ok not bad so far, you know, whatever. Then Beau Sovereign starts, rising slowly but surely, emphatic whispers chanting into your ears, beat building, the attenuated keyboard line expanding and layering upon itself, then at about the 2:00 mark a deal-closing synth line that commits you to a head shaking, hip swaying solo rave. The remainder of the album follows suit, providing a delicious 47 minutes of just straight up, no frills dance music. Vynehall masterfully combines a tasteful dose of club-hit flow within gorgeous, at times exotic samples, baselines and beats, making for a driving, gratifying listen.

Besides “Rojus”, I’ve enjoyed his debut LP “Music for the Uninvited” and his recent “Brother / Sister” EP.

Favourite track: See above; Brother is also a banger… “Your love love love love love…”