Gold Panda

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Gold Panda is the the project name of UK based beat-maker and knob-turner, the mononymous Derwin. His music is immediately distinguishable due to an incessant use of karate-chopped mini samples looped in unconventional patterns. It’s like sitting on a train and seeing some curious abstract art piece go passing by, but as you whirl around to look it’s already gone. First turning heads upon release of his amazing 2009 epitome single “Quitter’s Raga“, he hasn’t looked back since. With eye-catching esthetic and tasteful incorporations of music from various Asian influences, Gold Panda really is in a category of his own.

You know how most DJs and electro artists keep a pretty cool, even-keel front while performing, wearing a vaguely indifferent face and throwing in the odd head-nod? Yeah, Gold Panda is about the opposite. I witnessed him destroy a packed out venue, and he was almost as entertaining to watch as to hear – we’re talking wheeling, full body, gigantic head bangs, fist-clenched chest beating, and ear-to-ear smiles upon regarding at the audience’s unabashed dancing.

Since 2009, Gold Panda has released two exceptional LPs “Lucky Shiner” (his finest) and this year’s “Half of Where You Live”, as well as a slew of EPs, singles and remixes. Update: the mixing panda is back after a 3-year reprieve with new LP “Good Luck and Do Your Best” (try opener “Metal Bird“).

Favourite track: Marriage… now picture a dude slamming his finger into a sampler so hard you think he might break it – that’s Gold Panda.