CS1667637-02A-BIG Lone-cover

Lone is British electronic producer Matt Cutler, now signed to the prestigious R&S Records. I was initially drawn in by his catchy and rather appropriate moniker, isolation being the creative arena for the majority of modern DJs and producers. Lone’s sound is beautifully represented by his album art, especially graphic artist Konx-om-Pax’s interpretations: a busy, shimmering intergalactic ocean of scintillating lights and obscure shapes. Lone has a slippery sound – it’s hard to get a hold on his timing and transitions, and harder to acquaint one’s self enough to know what’s coming next. However, despite my inability to fully comprehend every amorphous beat pattern and ethereal, haunting overtone, I enjoy them just the same. Definitely gives the ol’ sternocleidos a good workout.

Since 2007, Lone has amassed an astonishing amount of noteworthy music. Considering there’s only so much time in a day, and when you subtract the intervals spent sleeping, working, bathing, excreting and scream-crying, it takes a while for one to slog their way through an artist’s discography. However, what I’ve thus far ingested of Lone’s has been stellar, with particular nods to two of his more recent LPs “Emerald Fantasy Tracks” and “Galaxy Garden”, as well as his excellent 2011 “Echolocations” EP. Known for the odd remix as well, Lone was amongst the all-star lineup selected for Radiohead’s “TKOL RMX” series. Update: The Brit’s back with a distilled, jungle-meets-ambience interstellar hyperdrive LP entitled “Levitation” (try banger Alpha Wheel).

Favourite track: Spirals [featuring Anneka]… Brings the “2001: A Space Odyssey” Beyond The Infinite visual sequences to mind.

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