Land of Talk

Applause+Cheer+Boo+Hiss+cover land_of_talk_cloak_and_cipher

Land of Talk are (were?) a 3-piece indie rock band from Montreal. Fronted by powerhouse siren Elizabeth Powell as the principle songwriter, singer and guitarist, they are a a true darkhorse of the Canadian music scene. With vocal and guitar work that trades buddy-blows with the likes of Feist, Powell boasts a bit more scratch and bite, dropping cuss words and bitter comebacks and ending the majority of her phrases with an exclamation mark. She has incredible talent, combining intricate guitar work, body-slamming patterns, and a deliciously crunchy tone. Powell unapologetically forfeits niceties and propriety to deliver a true, raw representation of what’s on her mind, and the resulting product is the hubris and conviction that constitutes impacting, emotional music.

The essence of Land of Talk can be boiled down to their 3 essential releases: killer debut 2006 EP “Applause Cheer Boo Hiss”, follow-up 2008 LP “Some Are Lakes”, and 2010’s amazing “Cloak and Cipher” album. Despite their moniker, there has been naught a peep from their neck of the woods, save for a rather depressing classifieds entry from Powell hocking her beautiful-sounding amp. Powell has reportedly had ongoing vocal chord issues from screaming herself pathologically hoarse, so perhaps there’s a gestating monologue or two making its voyage out of the Land of Talk. Update: Hallelujah, Powell has emerged from the woodlands with another slam-dunk rock record “Life After Youth” featuring some of her best songwriting to date (try the beating Heartcore).

Favourite track: Swift Coin… Shred nasty

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