Alvvays (yes you are indeed seeing 2 “v”s, not a w… purportedly for legal reasons), are a 5-piece indie rock group from Toronto. Formed by childhood friends Molly Rankin, Kerri MacLellan and Alec O’Hanley, they embody the romanticized sentiment of stating, “We should start a band!” Forming rank with the likes of other lighthearted indie pop groups like The Pains of Being Pure at Heart and Camera Obscura, Alvvays have a few key quirks that push them into their own echelon, which I will now delineate below.

First and foremost, and as has been toted endlessly here, Alvvays are killer songwriters. They have a formulaic, radio-friendly approach to song structuring, keep tracks to the 3-4 minute duration, provide a refreshing balance of quiet/loud/fast/slow, deliver relentless ear-grasping pop melody, and even do key changes (show me another modern indie band with key changes that work and I’ll eat my shoe). Rankin has a pure, soft vocal tone delivering witty and often comical Weezer-quality lyrics. She has angst but isn’t whiny, endearing sincerity without weakness, a childlike innocence shining through a grown-up’s shell, like an artist crafting a beautiful canvas portrait using assorted broken crayons.

Alvvays have 2 incredibly listenable LPs, a self-titled and 2017’s “Antisocialite”. Both barely piercing the 30-minute mark, they have the summery, immediate-gratification of classics like The Strokes’ “Is This It?”, Whitney’s “Light Upon The Lake”, Girls’ “Album” or Mac Demarco’s “This Old Dog”. And with that, I will conclude the article.

Favourite track: Dreams Tonight… See you in my dreams, Molly.

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